Schools and Communities of Peace Heroes Program

The Schools and Communities of Peace Heroes Formation (SCPHF) Program is a pilot program that was launched and designed as a holistic approach to Peace Education , Conflict Prevention, Conflict Transformation and Proactive Citizenship Peace Building as its components. It promotes a culture of peace environment for children and youth in schools and communities that addresses the learners’ cognitive, affective and active dimensions, which are needed to have an effective teaching-learning process. It also contributes to children’s right to a full and healthy physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.

With the different kinds of conflict and violence that our young people are exposed, the program was initiated and contains resources that cultivate a Culture of Peace: the kind of Culture of Peace that teaches about all the values, attitudes and forms of behaviors that reflect respect for life, for human dignity and for all human rights. The kind of culture that the SCPHF Program also wants to  impart to the young people are about why violence should be rejected, how to disengage and prevent our young people from doing acts of violence and negative subjective conditions (prejudices, stereotyping, biases etc.) and how they can take part in helping build a peaceful coexistence.   Formation Sessions will be given to educators, students, parents, youth and community leaders including soldiers with Civil Affairs or Civil Military Operations background, with continued follow-up and support as well as continuous implementation of peace education to children through the I TEACH PEACE Mobiles and Peace Hero Hubs where materials composed of storybooks, peace games, peace rhymes and videos will be placed and constantly updated by the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement.and constantly updated by the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement.