Artist for Peace Program

The Artists for Peace Program is an avenue for Artists who wants to use art as a medium to promote peace/ Activities include singing, dancing, peace murals art workshops and other creative means of communicating peace.

Music for Peace Camp

Music for Peace Camp is a program where 35 young musicians spend a number of days creating beautiful and diverse music performances that range from singing, songwriting, guitar playing and musical production with an incorporation of indigenous instruments from the Philippines. The General Objective is to promote a Culture of Peace and Dialogue between Muslims, Christians, Indigenous Peoples, Children of Soldiers and Police and other faiths who are also willing to participate in the said program. This project is in partnership with JCI Manila. (Learn More.. )

Sketchpad Project

This initiative provides a healing and transformational space for children as they engage themselves through an arts program that becomes an avenue for them towards a Culture of Peace and Dialogue. The sketchpads will stay will them for a span of 6 months, it will serve as an art diary where they can voice out their dreams and hopes in life, in the perspective of a child growing up in a conflict area.

Peace Murals

Spreading the message of peace in the wider audience by doing murals that help create more awareness about our role in building a Culture of Peace and appreciation of the culture of one’s commu- nity. TPBPM Murals message is clear, that no mater what tribe, culture or religion we belong to, we must work together and unite for peace.