Peace Hero Child Ambassadors

The Teach Peace Build Peace Movement is only as good as its people. Our Ambassadors embody the Movement’s mandate all the time, “I AM A PEACE HERO”. With them in the team, the Movement’s goals become attainable through teamwork, commitment, and a shared vision.

a5bbc3_eb284ef6fd7241dd8345897dea378819ERIN LUMIL CHISTELLE LUMANG (13) 

In school, Erin is the peacemaker who stops fights and fixes them whenever there are. This is what encouraged her to share the peace she can make to more than just her friends. So, ever since she was little, she has joined her mom and sister in doing various volunteer activities. At the age of 5, she was already doing coastal clean-ups. At 8, she was giving her pre-loved stuffed toys to other kids to needed it more than she did. And recently, she joined the many other Filipinos who have painted for peace. This is how Erin shares her peace with others and she hopes that you join her in doing the same as well.

For Erin, PEACE is when I see my friends in school getting along with each other.


a5bbc3_6594d2336d364347962487110629b529SAMANTHA LOUISE CHLOE LUMANG (18) 

Like Erin, Chloe was also exposed to volunteering at a young age. And through her volunteer work, she was able to work with people of different races and various nationalities. Even if volunteering would have to make Chloe work harder in school because she would be missing a handful of days in class, she continues to do it because this is where she sees peace. That is why she chose to join the Social Action Organization in her school. She grabbed the chance to expose herself to even more people so that she could share the peace she sees when volunteering. Now, Chloe may have double shifts volunteering for activities inside and out of her school, but that doesn’t bother her because she loves what she does and knows that she’s making even the smallest difference in the world.

For Chloe, PEACE is a tree. It can only grow bigger if you choose to nurture it.

a5bbc3_6808a22ef7ae47fc901aa3f3f5ef1297ALJANUS SAHIJUAN (15) 

Aljanus Sahijuan is the fifteen-year old Muslim Tausug child of Alhabsar and Jeanievic Sahijuan. His parents’ familiarity to the hardship brought by war and conflict encouraged him to advocate for peace at a very young age. Aljanus prefers to read and ask relevant questions rather than play with his friends.

He actively participates in school activities to curb down oppressions in the form of bullying in the schools. He was the president of the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG), peace officer of the SPG Federation of Taguig Pateros, and chairperson of the Maharlika Elementary School Student Anti- Bullying Action Center where he made school policies to stop bullying.

He settles disputes among his peers. Hand in hand with the faculty and the Village Barangay officials, Janus was able to reduce the number of reported bullying in the campus. Janus is also the youngest Boy Scout Senior Patrol Leader and was recognized twice by his school as the Boy Scout of the Year.

He gives lectures on scout leadership in the neighbouring schools which introduced him even to political leaders as a champion in promoting the rights and welfare of his fellow young Taguigeños. Taguig City Mayor, Lani Cayetano, has even introduced him as the future upcoming mayor of Taguig.

To further his peace advocacy, Janus participated in various interschool competitions in journalism and broadcasting, balagtasan, speech choir, sports writing and even dish gardening. At the age of nine, he began his formal peace engagement through his mentor, TPBPM Founder and Executive Director Bai Rohaniza Sumndad- Usman.

For Janus, To have real Peace, we should start educating children. Peace comes from good leadership and equal services to all regardless of creed, color or race.

a5bbc3_423a57369aa44bccbc9d766a469b5a64APOLO DELA CRUZ (17) 

Apolo or Paul for his friends is a sixteen-year old native of Sapang Uwak, Porac, Pampanga, whose parents are both farmers. He studied and graduated his primary level at Sapang Uwak Elementary School, with honors. He is currently pursuing his secondary level at Villa Maria Integrated School, wherein he was given the award of being the second honor in their class. He is also inclined in leadership, in fact Paul has been ranked as the District’s top 1 Boy Scout of the Philippines when he was still in grade six. Moreover, he has an exemplary academic engagement for he has been the Vice President of both Math and Science Club in the year 2013.

Apollo’s desire of promoting peace is not just only limited within his school but in the whole community. He further possesses a strong personality that empowers him to become a good and effective leader, nonetheless the trait of being respectful to other people never diminishes despite of the awards he received.

Apollo wanted to be a Child Peace Ambassador to encourage his fellow children on how important peace is to our lives and he also wishes to impart his talents and knowledge. Dr. Jose Rizal serves as his peace icon, as he further reiterated that Rizal did not use any means of violent actions to gain our country’s freedom.

For Apollo, PEACE is meant for everyone and its essentials are love and respect.

a5bbc3_06f75e520228428eb7c69493a0a787f7JELICA MULI (18) 

Jelica or known as Jhane, is a fifteen-year old member of the Aeta Community in Sapang-Uwak, Porac, Pampanga. She finished her primary level at Sapang-Uwak Elementary School being the class valedictorian. Currently she is in her 3rd year level at Camias High School, wherein she was able to maintain her high ranking in class. This young girl loves to read, consequently this paved way for her to be into writing essays. She is also affiliated in various school organizations, namely: the Math Club wherein she became the President in 2013, the treasures for Science Club 2013 and lastly she is the elected Vice President in their classroom.

Jelica aspire to become an inspiration to other indigenous groups, she firmly believes that her access to education serves as her own means to achieve her goals and desires in life. She also give emphasis on the worth of a child’s dignity – by being respectful to other people despite of the differences and by being a responsible child, perhaps if all of us possess these we can surely contribute in making peace possible.

For Jelica, PEACE is a living word that makes us realize that there is hope. Nonetheless everyone of us has the responsibility to love, give and share what we have to other people to achieve a unified society.


 The fourteen-year old Ambassadress Aya Brea Pagaduan is more than just a pretty face. During her preparatory level she studied at the OB Montesorri PPS wherein she graduated as the 2nd Honorable Mention and currently she is studying in the University of the Philippines Integrated School. This young girl is a music and arts enthusiast, thus during her 3rd to 6th grade she was awarded with Natatanging Mag-aaral sa Sining Biswal.

To teach peace to younger ones triggered Aya to be a child ambassador. As she articulated that it is her way of helping other children voice out what they want to say. She wants to grow up while understanding the different types of people. This ambassadress envisions of having a long and lasting peace – that can be achieved by learning on how and why war starts, and on what ways can people suppress war through a non violent means.

One thing that makes Aya interesting is her peace icon –  which is John Lennon from the well known band, the Beatles. She emphasized Lennon’s composition of ‘give peace a chance’, that mainly showed his support to peace and no to violence through the use of music. Moreover, it is her mom who inspired her most to become a servant leader.

For Aya Brea Pagaduan, Peace is not just an activity, its a way of life that needs equality, respect and trust among each and everyone.