Sapang Uwak Elementary School

LOCATION: Brgy. Sapang Uwak, Porac, Pampanga

Number of Student: 245 students


 Sapang Uwak Elementary School is located in Barangay Sapang Uwak in Porac, Pampanga. It is an upland school, and it is located on the north western reaches of the town. There is no definite land area assigned to it due to the absence of a formal survey to set its boundary. About 90% of the population is Aetas who migrated from Zambales after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. Locals are helpful, supportive and peace-loving people. Majority are Roman Catholic but there are also Christians and evangelicals. The youth are active in different religious and non-religious organizations and ministries, such as the Barangay Bridgers, Catholic-kids and Youth for Christ, and other religious sectors-Youth Ministry.

The peace and order in the community is maintained by the elected barangay captain and 7 barangay councilors. The Barangay Chief of Police and Tanods are appointed by the Barangay Captain to assist in maintaining the peace and order of the barangay.

The main source of living is farming, while some are entrepreneurs. Sapang Uwak Elementary School has 6 classrooms, 3 toilets, and a computer library. It does not have a library.

The school also identified root causes of the dismal performance of the students that need prioritization. These include (i) attitude towards schooling; (ii) persons involved perform other function; (iii) lack of instructional materials; (iv) lack of training in mentoring; and (v) lack of funds. The school targets to achieve 90% reader pupils by 2016. It also targets to improve pupils’ performance in reading by at least 15 pupils per year.