Maharlika Elementary School

LOCATION: Brgy. Maharlika, Taguig City

Number of Students: 3, 017


Maharlika Elementary School’s former name was Silangan Elementary School Annex (SESA). It was founded in the year 2000 and the school was initiated by Dr. Teresita De Jesus who was also then the principal of Silangan Elementary School-Main. The school gained support to build additional building and school facilities from the local and national officials with the help of Mrs. Nena P. Monte who then actually became the officer-in-charge and principal of the school. The site has an area of 3,936 square meters which was solicited from the National Housing Authority (NHA). At first, the school had a three-storey building with nine classrooms. On the first year of operation, the school had only 800 pupils and 12 teachers. 90 percent of the pupil’s population at that time was Muslims.

On July 15, 2008 marked almost eight years of Mrs. Nena P. Monte as a principal when she left Silangan Elementary School Annex (SESA) and she was transferred to another school. SESA had another principal by then and then replaced by a new one who is Mrs. Francia A. Patron after 10 months. SESA was renamed as Maharlika Elementary School on September 17, 2009. It was on this date that the approved ordinance No. 63 series of 2005 took effect through the effort of Mrs. Patron. As years passed by, another two different principals took charge in the school. Now, the present principal of Maharlika Elementary School is Mrs. Flordelyn T. Umagat.

At present, the school has a total enrollment of 3, 017 students (see Table 1), with about 91% of its learners are Muslim (see Table 2) and around 8% are Christians (see Table  3). The school has 81 teachers. Maharlika Elementary School continues its journey towards academic success with the efforts of its committee school head.