GENEMAJOR GENESIS GABRIDO is an Officer in the Philippine Army Graduated from the Philippine Military Academy on 14 March 2004. In his early years as a lieutenant leading a company of soldiers in the far-flung areas of Northern Mindanao, he participated in a number of peace and development projects and activities initiated by his unit to help improve the lives of our disadvantaged brothers and sisters situated in conflict areas and create an environment conducive to peace and development. He worked with several stakeholders, which included government and non-government organizations and agencies.

In the succeeding years of his military service, he joined the Civil Relations Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and later the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations, G7 of the Philippine Army to continue to pursue the conduct of peace and development activities. He believed in the importance of advocating peace to the children and the youth as one of the keys to attaining peace for our country. To teach them about the values and principles that will guide them how to live a life of peace amidst conflict and chaos is also a firm belief that he abides by. He further believes that the children and the youth are the future of our nation. Therefore we need to prepare them and make them active, peaceful citizens of our country.