The Artists for Peace Program, is an avenue for artists who want to use art as a medium to promote peace. Activities include singing, dancing, filmmaking, peace murals, art workshops and other creative means of communicating peace.

Music for Peace Camp is a program where 35 young musicians spend a number of days creating beautiful and diverse music performances that range from singing, songwriting, guitar playing and  musical production with an incorporation of indigenous instruments from the Philippines. The  General Objective is to promote a Culture of Peace and Dialogue between Muslims, Christians, Indigenous Peoples, Children of Soldiers and Police and other faiths who are also willing to participate in the said program. This project is in partnership with JCI Manila.

Subangan” – where the sun and moon rise; horizon; Bicol term for “abot- tanaw.” A sunrise always begins a new day, symbolizing the future ahead or hope.And like the sun that dawns on the horizon, we are given hope that the culture of peace will also rise in our midst and in the hearts of our people.

Similar to the notion of Sister Fidelis Estrada from the Assumption Sisters, that morning or a new day is when we recognize everyone as a brother or sister, peace is not just hope but also the light amidst the dark in the night where the people around us are no longer strangers, but are family. We look forward to the day when we live together in peace.

Through this initiative, it hopes to give a sense of clarity and light in understanding ourselves and the people around us by also giving peace a chance and teaching it to others. As these films shape the audience’s views on conflict and peace, we lead them into the path of dialogue, tolerance and understanding, contributing to the vision of achieving a peaceful and inclusive society.

Subangan Film Camp aims to spread the message of peace through film. A Film Camp last August 26, 2017 is a pre-film fest requirement to be able to join the contest.  Subangan Film Festival aims to bring together independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts in creating awareness about the importance of peace education towards achieving peaceful communities of intergenerational peace builders.

Here are the entries of the Subangan Film Festival that will also be used not just on-line but some will also be part of our teaching materials in TPBPM’s peace education training workshops:

SILO by Jao Manahan

A story of a child who dreams to bring peace on his community.



ODEM Directed by Anan Capal Ampaso

Sumaya, a Marawi Siege survivor, struggles with the terrors of war that linger inside her memories whilst living her new life in Manila. To ease her pain, she remembers he mother’s lullaby that eventually helps her to move on.


BAHAY SA PAPEL Directed by Paola Neyra

A little girl draws and imagines an ideal home where equality, respect and peace exist.


GANTI Directed by Rachel Jardin

Abdel, a Muslim boy whose family emigrated from Marawi, experiences racism and discrimination from his new neighbors when he’s invited to play as a terrorist in their games. But when one of his bullies got into trouble, he steps in and defends him with dignity & clemency.




A story of a a feeble boy finally decides to face his bully


ALIPATO Directed by Jao Manahan

An OFW that longs for her daughter’s arrival in Hong Kong.



LENTE Directed by Rm Mahorombsar


This initiative provides a healing and transformational space for children as they engage themselves through an arts program that becomes an avenue for them towards a Culture of Peace and Dialogue. The sketchpads will stay will them for a span of 6 months, it will serve as an art diary  where they can voice out their dreams and hopes in life, in the perspective of a child growing up in a conflict area.

Spreading the message of peace in the wider audience by doing murals that help create more       awareness about our role in building a Culture of Peace and appreciation of the culture of one’s community. TPBPM Murals message is clear, that no mater what tribe, culture or religion we belong to, we must work together and unite for peace.




TPBPM aims to share stories of peace using different media like videos, photos and articles that will help the public understand the importance of having a peaceful society and what they can do to help build a Culture of Peace in the country in traditional and new media.


Peace Gifts Project: School Supplies, Medicines, Books, Toys, Hygiene Kits, Other Possible Gifts for Children and also a gift of fun     through our Peace Fun Day where our volunteers can interact with the kids through our different activities that include Music, Games, Sports and Arts.

Peace Gifts Hand Delivered since 2014.


A yearly interfaith activity of the Maharlika Elementary School and the Assumption College- San Lorenzo Makati (BED) that started in 2013. Every Year 350 students or more gathered together to get to know each others religion and culture through different creative activities such as Music, Peace Games and Arts. 

Students participated since 2013


Peace Journey Sessions is a program where peace heroes embark on a  journey of  self-discovery, reflection and  learning more  about other religions, cultures  and stories.  Activities include fun games and reflective sessions that emphasize the importance of building a Culture of peace with oneself and with others.   Each module is tailor-fitted according to the needs of the participants.

Peace Journey Sessions conducted with different sectors such as students, teachers, soldiers, young professionals and parents.