DSC_8409Bai Rohaniza, also called by many as “Honey” is the Founding President and Executive Director of Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, a non-profit organization that aims to make every Filipino child and youth a peace builder. Her mission has been molding young people to be peace builders through peace education, inter-faith, inter-cultural, inter-generational engagement, creative and innovative approaches in creating a Culture of Peace and Dialogue in schools and communities like Music, Arts, Games, Sports and Community Service. Her peace-building work, especially for children and youth, have been recognized by various institutions. 

Recently, she was recognized as 1 of the 3 changemakers in the Philippines of Ashoka, the world’s largest and most prestigious network of social innovators. She’s the first Filipino to receive an award from a Qatar-based group, the DOHA International Center for Interfaith Dialogue that seeks to improve interfaith understanding and religious tolerance. She was the recipient of 2013 “Emerging Peace Champion” Award from the N-Peace Network organized by United Nations Development Program highlighting women who empower communities and are exemplary peace builders. She was given a special citation as one of the outstanding young people for her peace-building initiatives anchored on Citizenship at the 2015 Citizenship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSR) Youth Awards and was one of the Filipino Awardees in the 1M Peace Women Campaign for women peace builders all over the world.

She grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she witnessed the terror of war but despite this, she has developed an unconditional passion in building a Culture of Peace especially amongst young people where writers and bloggers have called her a “Game Changer”, “Warrior Princess for Peace” and the “Peace Princess” of the Philippines