Hope for the children, hope for the youth, hope for the entire country.

Peace month is every month. 🙂

I have admit—It’s not easy to choose peace or to live with inner peace, but it will always be a journey of discovering peace and finding ways to create the path to a peaceful life. Peace may seem like something intangible, but it is through instilling it in ourselves and cultivating it in our community with our actions that we turn peace into something that can be seen, heard, felt.

Love and peace will always come hand in hand. Journeying with Teach Peace, I have never seen love or peace together in a more beautiful perspective. Through different faiths, cultures, colours, and people, love and peace have made me come to believe that there is still hope. Hope for the children, hope for the youth, hope for the entire country.

It is always the people I meet along the path of my peace journey that shine the light of being a peace hero and inspire me to go up and beyond borders to seek peace in everyone and everything. To the kids whom I’ve seen grow up into peace heroes, thank you for teaching me that peace is simple and can still be seen and manifested in this complicated world.

To the teachers, soldiers, and parents who have shared their personal stories of peace, thank you for inspiring many of us youth to keep going and persevere despite the challenges we come to experience everyday. To the Teach Peace volunteers that have been family since day one, thank you for giving so much of yourselves just to keep the peace thriving in our world. Even the smallest of your actions create the biggest of differences in each child, school, and community.

I choose to see peace. I choose to be peace. The answer will always be peace.😌✌️

Samantha Lumang

TPBPM Youth Ambassador

Musician for Peace Ambassador

Training Team & Communications Team

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