Eco-Peace Republic: Voluntour Weekend at the Pawikan Conservation Center

The pawikan is now endangered. This means, that it can soon go extinct! But why is it so important for us humans to care about the pawikans? The pawikan is part of two ecosystems-the beach or dune system and the marine system. All parts of the ecosystem are important. If we lose the pawikan, this will not only have an impact on the rest of marine life but also on us humans.

TPBPM Team led by Artist for Peace Team Leader, Kuya AG Sano. 

The VolunTour Weekend at the Pawikan Conservation Center, Morong, Bataan was organized by the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, Anvaya Environmental Foundation Inc. together with the Bantay Pawikan members in Nagbalayong.

Headed by our Artists for Peace Kuya AG, Kuya Mik, Ate Sarah, Kuya Jezir, Ate Mau and Ate Chloe, the team conducted environmental awareness activities such as mural paint project, junkart and bookmark making activity as part of TPBPM’s Eco Peace Republic.

Ate Issay from Anvaya Cove giving an orientation about pawikans. 
Volunteers coloring the pawikan sketches 
Eco-Peace bookmarks led by TPBPM Artist for Peace Ate Maureen Lopez. 
Ate Chloe Lumang, TPBPM Peace Hero Teen Ambassador facilitated the games and ice breakers. 
Children were also taught how to play music using drums and water bottles. 
They also helped in the coastal clean-up, wherein the trash that they collected were used in a Junk Art Activity with Kuya Jezir Lascuna. 


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