Why do you Volunteer by Michelle Clemente

It was a self-impose question. I was taking my walk along from LRT 2 bridge to LRT 1 when this issue popped out. I spontaneously imagined I was in the documentary video and someone was asking me, “Michelle, why do you volunteer in TPBPM (Teach Peace Build Peace Movement) even you don’t receive anything in return?”

Then, I came to think about it and this is my answer.

I got a lot in return from volunteering. Volunteering in teach peace is a long-term investment and planting a tree. I am investing my efforts and time into something huge and surely will make 100 folds of my investment. And you know what is that? It is the future of my next generation and peaceful community. I am investing in the youth and children to grow up as God- fearing, full of love and new peace ambassadors of their community. It is enormous and real collective values. I am investing and aiming for another batch of peace heroes.

It is like planting a tree as well; nurture seeds bear good fruits but left out seeds die.

So if in your heart, you have a tiny hope and desire for change, even 0.00000001%, work on it. Start to nurture that seed in your heart. Dig it deeply, water it every day, expose to sunlight, let it grow and bear fruits. No matter what age you are, you can grow trees. Be positive and make your dreams possible.

I know each one of us has a passion for change. You just have to step up and make it happen. I tell you, dreams do come true, and change is possible depending really on the worker. Make change possible. Plant more peace seeds and invest beyond your imagination.

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