Real Life Peace Heroes: Flo and Friends

The name Flo Bayer may not ring a bell to you. In fact, you might have just heard of her for the first time! But for us at Teach Peace, she is a superstar who will last a lifetime. Flo, together with her friends Geneva Cabarloc, Claudine Serrano, Anton Lasquety, Erin Llamas, Neve Bontogon, Rachelle Rayos, Ting Nulud, Kirae Geneciran, Andrew Salanguit, Iris Maldonado, Julius Puentes, Jorel Bondoc and Cookie Sale are just like any other ordinary people. But to us and to the children of Mindanao, they are incredible human beings.

No. Scratch that. They are our peace heroes.

Flo was one of the first active volunteers Teach Peace Build Peace Movement. Even though this was their first time sharing peace gifts to TPBPM, they feel like they can trust the organization for the reason that they know the people working behind it. Through giving paece gifts, they are able to share and extend God’s blessings to the less-privileged by recognizing education as a necessity for every Filipino child. Flo and her friends thinks that education is the best investment a person can have for him or herself. Flo Bayer also thanked TPBPM on her friends’ behalf for creating a such an opportunity to help the children of Mindanao through gifts of peace.

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