Together as one

How many more of our brothers and sisters have to die? How many more of their families have to suffer? How many more innocent lives have to be taken? How many more Filipinos will live in fear?  How many more children have to sacrifice their childhood? With everything that’s going on in the Philippines — from the heartbreaking battle between our soldiers and rebels in Sulu to the most recent tragic event in Davao that killed 14 people and wounded 67 others — we cannot help but think, “When will this all end?”

We, at the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, hope that we have the answer to that question. We hope that we can face the grieving families and friends of those whose lives were taken and tell them, “It’s all going to be okay.” But we know that saying that won’t be enough. No one knows what the future holds. No one can tell how we can all cope with this. All we know is that we just have to believe in anything. In our faith. In our togetherness. In our resilience as a nation. This is not the first time we are faced with such an adversity. We’ve been through this and even worse but we managed to stand strong. We survived as one. Today and in the days to come, we can once again prove as a nation that nothing can break our strength as a nation of resilient, peace-loving individuals. No violence can win against peace. No conflict can ever tear us apart. Those who love violence can do anything in their power to show us that peace is unattainable.

This is the time to even be more united — for our families, our friends, and most importantly, our children. This generation and the next generation of Filipinos are counting on us. They are asking for us to pursue the path of peace, love, and understanding as our weapons. We can do this as we seek for guidance from the Almighty. We can do this as we continue to pursue a path of giving our children and our families a more peaceful place to live in.

On behalf of TPBPM, we are one with the Filipino nation in praying for every wounded soul, for every family crying for justice, and for everyone who is scared for their life. As always, we will stand together as one.

#teachpeacebuildpeacemovement #prayforpeace


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