Peace Journey Reflection: Charrie Escober

Peace Journey Reflection from Musician for Peace Ambassador Charrie Escober one year after the Music for Peace Camp.


My journey as a Musician for peace is remarkable. Just by simply knowing that I am part of something big, of something that could make a difference through God’s gift as a medium to inspire people and give them hope through music, it gives me that purpose or mission in life: To spread positivity and give hope through music. Since afterall, Music is the universal language & is a key to one’s soul and through it we are all connected.

As a musician for peace we write songs, play/sing songs about peace. sometimes its not easy to be with them due to a busy schedule but little things are the big things, and no matter how small you contribute, you can make a difference.

After the camp, my perspective changed. I became more aware and more positive about things.  After the camp we had some performances of peace at Gateway, we performed for children with cancer, at a heroes ward and etc. After the camp, we made people smile through spreading music and inspiring them, after the camp whenever I hear my friends or family generalizing or judging other people, I speak my truth. It was one of the best thing that happened to me. It helped me figure out what I want to do with my life.

There are two thing lessons from the Music for Peace Camp that I treasured the most.

Personal: “God gave you seeds and its up to you how you nurture it” we are all given a talent and its up to us what we do with it.

World: In this world, there are a lot of wars corruption arguments and etc, but through the Music for Peace Camp I am able to become more open minded, understanding and aware. Peace is not an overnight process and for some it seems so impossible, but I think what I treasure the most is the thought of that possibility of having peace in the world. We all came from different places, different religions and different set of beliefs but even though we are different we were gathered in one place and we were all having fun and in harmony with each other. If it’s possible with us, it’s possible for everybody as long as you keep an open mind and respect each other.

I now help promote peace by practicing peace as a way of life. I always try to see the positive side of things and how I can make things better, to not take sides but rather see the big picture. I write songs of peace and share some in social media and when a friend is in need I try my best to be there for them. I also give food for the poor and try my best to participate in volunteer activities and I also practice being kind to myself.

Its not an easy road but it sure is worth it.

My message to young musicians like me is to just keep going. There will be times that you will feel like you’re out of it, but remember that you only fail when you give up so keep writing songs, keep singing, keep playing, keep pursuing music and make time for your craft. Explore the possibilities and keep it real, keep learning and keep improving. Allow yourself to be a beginner.

For me, peace is not about keeping your mouth shut or being quiet but rather speaking up and keeping an open mind. It is not the absence of war or arguments but the presence of love justice and God.

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