Peace heroes embarked on a 4-day summer Peace Mission

TPBPM peace heroes embarked on a 4-day summer Peace Mission in Brgy. Sapang Uwak Porac Pampanga last May 27-30, 2016. The Summer Peace Mission is made possible throught the love and support of all our volunteers, LLLHI and Peace Kamp Family especially Col Sam Sagun, Ate Pixy ( for coordination and sponsorships) , Kuya Jay and Kuya Noy (for our meals). 

The summer peace mission is composed of 3 components:

Sketchpad Project Workshop, where kids learned about basic drawing, usage of art materials such as watercolor, crayons, pastel and color pencils. The Arts Team was led by Ate Vianca, Kuya Glen, Kuya Louise and Ate Yhanne. Each kid where given an artist pack after the workshop to help them practice what they have learned for 3 days.

Ate Vianca, Kuya Louise and Ate Yhanne

Reading Workshop. The team is composed of Ate Kat, Ate Sheyna, Ate Micah, Ate Erin, Ate Maru, Ate Melody, Ate Regie and Kuya Pao. They read stories to kids and also practice their reading skills. They also danced and sing with them.

Ate Sheyna and Ate Micah with the reading workshoppers

Football Workshop. The team led by Ate Jas, Ate Kia, Ate Mavis, Kuya Jigs, Ate Ayin and Ate Gene . They taught basic football drills to kids that they can practice everyday. They also taught football rules and played a friendship game after the 3 day workshop. The football workshopers also underwent a culture of peace adventure where they learned different values of peace that they may be able to use while playing football.

Ate Kia and Ate Mavis during the warm-up session before the actual worshop.

We also had some peace kwentuhan sessions with the coommunity leaders and elders of Sapang Uwak. Where we learned more about their culture and story.

We also participated in the Brigada Eskwela of Sapang Uwak Elementary School where we painted walls, clean rooms, cut grasses etc

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