Summer Peace Mission Reflection by Soteya Trasadas

Sometimes people needs courage to be in the world of the unknown however it takes a sense of humility to understand things. Teach Peace Build Peace Movement gave us the opportunity to get to know more about the indigenous people specifically the Aetas in Porac, Pampanga as well as by imparting to them the message of peace. I’ve been to Porac for three times already but it never failed me to give new realizations about life. Aetas since the time immemorial are often subjected to discrimination because of how they look (skin color, hair) and their culture which is regarded as backward thinking. One of our TPBPM Peace Ambassador, Apollo shared to us that “… minsan po tinatawag kaming baluga… masakit po, kasi ibig sabihin po nun ay walang pinag-aralan at walang alam.” With these words, I can say that, to have peace we need to change the constructed mindset of the society and it all begins within us. All these “naming” causes a wider gap and disparity within the society. We need to remember that every word we say, good or bad has an implication to the upbringing of a child. The childhood years of an individual plays a crucial role for it serves as the formative years that would be the foundation of its personhood and wellbeing. As much as possible, we need to invest on them good values and positivity for it will resonate within their actions sooner or later. And through this, the hope of living in a Peaceful society would be possible.

Aetas are Filipinos and they too deserve equal treatment. Yes, Aetas may be different from us simply because despite of the materialistic life that we have here in the city, there are some people in the wilderness who lives in the beauty of simplicity. Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM) 2016 Peace Mission in Porac is a way for me to celebrate and appreciate life as we aim to make every Filipino child and youth a Peace Hero. Teach Peace Build Peace Movement


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