PAG-IBIG DAY: An International Good Deeds Day Celebration

Teach Peace Build Peace Movement Peace Heroes celebrated the 10th International Good Deeds Day last April 10, 2016. Over 1.7 million people world wide from 50 countries celebrated good deeds day by doing simple acts of kindness to people, their community and to the environment.

In lieu of TPBPM’s Service for Peace Program, the Pag-ibig Day Project (A Day of Love Project)!was initiated. Pag-ibig Day aims to create a Culture of Peace and Love one good deed at a time. TPBPM has been sharing this message: “Every Act of Kindness is an Act of Peace. And Every Act of Peace is what we should live by.”

Different activities were done by the TPBPM Team during the day, which include: Mural Painting along the walls of AFP Medical Center, distribution of flowers, peace cookies, peace cupcakes and peace notes to random individuals to share our message that they too can do random acts of peace in their own ways regardless of their religion, status, age or sector. The TPBPM Team also visited the Heroes Ward of the AFP Medical Center and serenaded the wounded soldiers. Our Peace Heroes also gave them flowers, cupcakes and peace notes as our way of honoring their heroism and making them happy. The team distributed grocery packs to the homeless families in Kalayaan and Kamias, Quezon City. A Love Booth was set-up as well for school supplies and art supplies donation drive for TPBPM’s schools and communities.

Thank you so much Peace Heroes for all your support. All of these would have not been possible without your love and selfless contribution.

A Peace Hero Salute to all of you

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